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Henry Thai

Henry currently serves as the Chairperson for the Royal Aeronautical Society (Perth Branch) and studies engineering at Curtin University. He has a diverse set of interests involved with the space industry through Curtin's SSTC, and was previously a journalist and news presenter for 107.3fm and The Wire National Current Affairs on Radio.

Keeping Santa’s smile sparkling with seamless dental tech

// The brainchild of two dentists is set to make trips to the dentist that much easier…

A tango with mangoes

// A Perth startup launches its skincare product range, made from spare mangoes…

West Aussies take on the universe at NASA Space Apps global finals

// Perth is never short of exceptional talent and for the 4th year in a row, a local team has made the global finals...

Business Funding Guide gets refresh to focus on SME survival

// Last year’s guide to growth has had to adapt, with new advice available for businesses looking for funding and getting approvals for finance

Greener pastures for greener tech Part 1: economic boon, local lag

// In our first report into the green economy, we find that 55,000 new jobs could appear thanks to the 'green revolution'...

If you’ve got ESIC, flaunt it!

// Many potential startup investors are blissfully unaware of the tax benefits of investing in early-stage innovation; startups could help them...

Key growth area for WA found in data science

// With more than 93% of organisations ranking data science as a vital need, it’s time for WA to step up to the data science plate...

The ‘Jetson reality’ turns electric

// World leader in aerospace electrification is happening in a Jandakot workshop, and they’ve just hit two massive milestones.

Perth developers raise the Flubar

// Entrepreneurial software development company Ninja Software has created what could be the answer to preventing an outbreak of flu in the workplace...

Startup WA launches Help Centre for WA startups

// A flattening curve in Australia is welcome news, but the negative impact on business remains.

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