Top 10 WA startup stories for last quarter and year

Startup News Top 10
The top ten stories for the last quarter and year...

So, we’re half way through 2022, and it’s the start of another financial new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one…

Over the last three months, Startup News attracted more than 14,750+ unique visitors to the site (+13% from the previous quarter). We added more podcast episodes – ‘Startup West’ – with new co-hosts Brodie McCulloch & Steve Elias joining Danelle Cross. Catch up on all 77 episodes on the website, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Top (Most Read) 10 articles, June Qtr 2022

Here are the most read articles on Startup News for the last 3 months of the FY22…

  1. Snackr raises $975K
  2. Swan scoops up $3M
  3. Family Zone raises $42M to acquire Qustodio
  4. Curtin graduates latest Accelerate cohort
  5. Little Green Pharma signs UK agreement
  6. U Group taking on big tech
  7. One Click Life to list and raise $4.5M
  8. Cass Materials creates new product
  9. $1.3B to diversify WA economy
  10. Soter Analytics raises $16M in the UK

Top (Most Read) 10 articles, past financial year, July 2021 – June 2022

  1. WA Gov announces $100M fund
  2. VGW revenue up to $2.2B
  3. Snackr raises $975K (also in Last Quarter top 10)
  4. Football app that helps you train
  5. PictureWealth raises $14M
  6. VentureX HQ launches
  7. Solv sold to US
  8. West Tech Fest Investors announce first deals
  9. Agworld sold for $100M
  10. Swan scoops up $3M (also in Last Quarter top 10)

The thirst for stories about funding continues…

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