Nexxis partners with Blueprint Lab to make industries safer

Nexxis founder Jason De Silveria. Image: Nexxis.

Perth-based robotic inspection and testing solution provider Nexxis has signed a partnership agreement and development collaboration with Blueprint Lab, an Australian robotics company to bring the latest inspection technology to dangerous industries such as the petrochemical, and mining industries, enhancing capabilities in Australia and the United States.

The partnership will enable the world’s smallest underwater robotic arm Reach Alpha (developed in 2018 by Blueprint Lab) to be used by customers such as petrochemical companies. The innovation will support the inspection and maintenance of their assets, focusing on onshore facilities in Western Australia and Houston, where Nexxis also has operations.

Blueprint Lab’s Reach Alpha. Image Supplied.

Nexxis Founder and CEO Jason De Silveira believes that this collaboration is “great news for these (high-risk) industries” and will ensure “ongoing access to the latest smart technologies” in solving “both customer and industry challenges with the right solutions”.

Petrol and chemical processing facilities and mining and renewable energy sites have infrastructure that needs regular inspection and maintenance.

Our exciting partnership will enable Blueprint Lab’s robotic arms to be integrated on Nexxis platforms, utilising our state-of-the-art software and technology to offer a complete comprehensive solution for clients tailored to their individual requirements.

Jason De Silveira

Talking about this partnership, Blueprint Lab’s Business Development Manager Anders Ridley-Smith, said Reach Alpha would “enable companies to inspect and maintain their assets without downtime, thereby increasing productivity”.

We see great value in this collaboration. Nexxis knows the industry’s needs and we look forward to working together to develop specific solutions for our customers.

Many large petrochemical companies have a mandate to remove humans from confined spaces and harsh environments by 2025. This partnership will play a significant role in helping these companies on this journey.

Anders Ridley-Smith

Similar to the Magneto-EX developed by Nexxis, the Reach Alpha will be able to access confined spaces and hazardous areas which pose a risk to human operators. Its capabilities will include inspecting the condition of pipes and other infrastructure, checking for corrosion or cracking and recovering debris.

The Reach Alpha in motion. Image Supplied.

In November last year, Nexxis won a WHS award, and in 2020 they were awarded a $20K Innovation Voucher from the New Industries Fund to develop their Magneto robot.


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