QV1 gets its mojo with EV carsharing

QV1's carshare EV mini
Florian Popp (centre) with one of the QV1's carshare EV minis. Image Supplied.

It’s no surprise that the rideshare sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, with over $81 billion in net profits generated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. But for Perth office block QV1, they’ve taken it a step further.

The owners and management have launched a new electric car-share service as part of its premium, range of tenant services, tackling the call for a more assertive corporate ESG goals as called by the United Nations (UN).

They have partnered with global electric vehicle manufacturer Mini Australia and local startups Mojo Car Share and Gemtek to offer a more convenient trip in and around the city.

The QV1 electric Mini Cooper. Image Supplied.

Florian Popp, Commercial Director of Gemtek, says that the initial feedback from tenants at QV1 has been “overwhelmingly positive”.

The huge consumer interest in new electric vehicle models being released globally in the next 12 months has created a gap in Australia between available stock and models and interested drivers.

While overall car sales are slumping globally, electric vehicle sales are growing by double and triple percentage digits.

Florian Popp, Commercial Director of Gemtek

Promoting the use of the electric car share, an low emission transport option adds to the existing options available to tenants, including bike facilities and convenient access to public transport options.

How does the QV1 rideshare work?

The service is a contactless experience and tenants can book directly via the QV1 App on the MoJo Car Share platform. The experience from booking through to return is automated and backed by a direct car assistance number for tenants to call.

The MoJo Car Share App. Image Supplied.

Mojo Car Share says that just one car share vehicle can take between 10-15 private vehicles off the road. A Phillip Boyle and Associates study found that each car share vehicle in Sydney delivered an economic return to the city of over $6 for every $1 invested.


To find out more about Gemtek’s electric vehicle solutions and other services, visit their website.