Free tool to give startups ammo

My Funnel
My Funnel is a new free tool for startups

Perth-based startup marketing agency Ammo Marketing has launched free tool today for startup founders to help them leap-frog marketing trial & error.

Named “My Funnel”, this new tool generates a marketing funnel specifically for startups – with 7 years of hard won experience baked in.

After working with over 230 startups, the Ammo Marketing team reckon they know what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to startup marketing. They also know that every startup needs a slightly different strategy.

They’ve seen it time and time again – founders begin to market their startup, and quickly get overwhelmed by all the different channels options and tactics out there.

Kai Loval

My Funnel is a shortcut for founders; saving them time and money executing a generic strategy that (probably) won’t work, by instead giving them a bunch of marketing ideas to experiment with that are actually relevant to their startup.

Kai Lovel, Product Lead at Ammo Marketing

How it works

Answer a few questions that get to the heart of your startups’ offer, market and customers.

My Funnel sample question.

My Funnel’s scoring algorithm then identifies what has worked for startups like yours from a list of 50+ channels and tactics – such as Instagram Ads, email nurtures, community building, Afterpay and more.

You then get sent a PDF that outlines those recommendations at each stage of the ‘Pirate Metrics’ funnel: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue (‘AARRR’ – hence the name ‘Pirate Metrics’).

The team at Ammo reckon My Funnel will give any startup marketing clarity that generic marketing advice can’t give you. My Funnel is live on Product Hunt today.


For more, and to give it a try, go to MyFunnel website or Product Hunt.