‘Tesla of e-bikes’ to reach Australian shores

Julian Ilich with the new Roadster
Julian Ilich with the new Roadster. Image supplied

When last week’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report dropped, providing further proof that humans are impacting climate change, companies looking to reduce emissions were back on the front page and in TV.

One such local company is Fremantle-based electronic bike company Tiller Rides, who after successfully raising $1 million in equity crowd fundraising (ECF) in 2019, has just opened another round with hopes of selling 500 of its innovative e-bikes later this year.

The team is planning to make a dent in the multi-billion dollar e-bikes industry with its new model “The Roadster”.

Already in fashion, the pandemic has only hastened people’s acceptance of the ebike, this new category becoming the fastest selling bicycle in the world. It’s all part of the micro-mobility trend that is sweeping the world, which includes battery-powered scooters and other types of riders.

In the new round of fundraising, investors can buy shares with as little as $250, with shareholders eligible for a discount on company bikes.

What makes this bike different?

The Roadster (Source: Tiller Bikes)

The roadster is not just a premium e-bike and has comprehensive features included in its lightweight aluminium frame.

Tiller Bikes co-founder Julian Ilich said the bike is not only cheap to run, but the battery will last 95-100km.

One of my favourite features is its connectedness – the bike has its own inbuilt sim card which connects back to our central database. Just like a Tesla, The Roadster can self-diagnose any problems it may be having, and we can often fix your bike remotely by sending updates.

Julian Ilich

According to the Sensible Transport Report, one of the main barriers for consumers in purchasing bikes is theft concerns.

The team at Tiller Bikes took this into consideration when designing the Roadster.

The Roadster has this covered, with central locking, a keyless motion-sensing alarm, and an inbuilt GPS system that allows owners to keep track of their bikes using their smartphones.

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