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Get Metrix
GetMetrix is currently available on Apple App Store. Image supplied.

Athletes around the world are always looking to improve, and yet finding what to improve on can sometimes be difficult. Not everyone has access to professional help or coaching.

That’s where GetMetrix comes in.

Launched in July by CEO Andrew Hall (previously working as Formalytics and MyKicks), the startup strives to give users access to performance analytics and coaching in order to provide fast-track improvement for any player.

Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall

Sports meets artificial intelligence

A football improvement app that combines the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), GetMetrix helps players measure and benchmark their skills through their smartphone.

Convenience is key, as the app does this all without the need for a tripod. You can record yourself, or with the help of a friend.

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Users of the app can view their advanced metrics in order to breakdown their performance, and then helps users develop their skills via personalised in-app programs which focus on individual improvement.

How it works

GetMetrix’s use of AI and AR technology tracks the user and the ball through their smartphone in real time.

After enough data is gathered, the app measures and evaluates the user’s six foundational skills, which consist of shooting, dribbling, passing, first touch, agility and acceleration.

User data gets made into a personalised ‘player card’ based on EA Sports FIFA system. Image Supplied.

Once the app has measured these six skills, the data collected is then made into a personalised “Player Card”, inspired by EA Sports FIFA system.

The player card shows a summary of a player’s ability, and users can share and compare their player cards with other users.

These cards can be used to benchmark your current skills, and provide a base from which to improve on.

For more serious players, GetMetrix offers subscription-based access to training programs and drills that are tailored to the user, built in collaboration with professional players, coaches and scientists.

Collaborating with the best

Kevin De Bruyne, midfielder for Manchester City. Image – Facebook.

“GetMetrix is the ultimate football improvement system, bundled into a single app.”

Kevin De Bruyne, GetMetrix ambassador.

GetMetrix has also recently partnered with Kevin De Bruyne, the current vice-captain of Manchester City Football Club and Belgian international.

Furthermore, the app will feature a Masterclass series by De Bruyne, offering insights and guidance to become a better player. Not to mention, the first class is free.

Regarded as one of the best professional players in the world, De Bruyne acts as a GetMetrix ambassador and provides the startup with a generous amount of global exposure.

The GetMetrix app is available for download on the Apple app-store, and will soon be available for Android users as well.

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