Tape Ark chooses Dallas for its US operations

Dallas, Texas.
Dallas, Texas. Image supplied

Western Australian tech company Tape Ark has announced that it has chosen Dallas, Texas, its new US mass data migration centre.

This is a milestone for Tape Ark as the company has expanded their growth even as others were scaling back amidst the global pandemic.

Tape Ark had previously reviewed several potential locations in the United States but selected Dallas as their location where large-scale data migration projects were already underway.

In a press statement release, Kyle Evans, Chief Commercial Officer mentioned that Dallas had given them “an unfair advantage”.

Dallas is a great city, but more importantly, high-speed direct connections to the major cloud providers in dallas are exceptional.

this speed means we can migrate our customer’s data faster and more reliably to their cloud storage.

Kyle Evans, Chief Commercial Officer of Tape Ark

Tape Ark Dallas will initially be capable of handling up to half an exabyte of tape-to-cloud data migration (500Pb) per annum with plans to expand the operation and connections over the next 24 months. The location also gives the company direct on-ramps to their cloud partners like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in very close proximity.

Guy Homes from Tape Ark
Guy Homes from Tape Ark

Guy Holmes, President and CEO of Tape Ark commented that this is an important step for Tape Ark’s global expansion.

This is the first of two new operations planned globally for Tape Ark as we grow our business in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Our major customers … are enjoying the benefits of rapidly migrating their highly valuable datasets and realising new value once in the cloud

Guy C. Holmes, President and CEO of Tape Ark

It’s an exciting time for Tape Ark, a Perth-founded tech company that converts old analogue tapes, photos and films to digital, allowing previously ‘lost’ data to be re-used. Set up in 2017, the business has been scaling across the world, having hit a nerve with a massive customer problem. In 2019, the company partnered with Seagate.


For more information, visit their website TapeArk.com.