Podcast time with CMO leaders

Lean Mean Marketing Teams by Ty Hayes. Image Supplied.
A new podcast Lean Mean Marketing Teams released by Ty Hayes

A new podcast Lean Mean Marketing Teams released by Ty Hayes shares ideas on how to create high-performing marketing teams as he interviews leading Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), authors and top-level experts.

Ty Hayes is the current Managing Director of Growth Generators, a management consulting firm that offers strategic consulting, skills training and coaching to help CMOs design and build future-fit marketing teams driving growth. He had been previously the Chief Marketing Officer at Curtin University, nominated as the #14 and #10 Most Innovative CMO in Australia based on CMO50 rankings and led the Australian Marketing Team of the Year (Australian Marketing Institute Awards).

The podcast was launched in December 2020 and already has over 2,500 downloads. It covers topics such as leadership, agile marketing, team performance, work design and marketing transformation. The show is geared toward CMOs, marketing directors and marketing managers.

When your team is your greatest competitive advantage, this podcast serves to help CMOs and Marketing Managers get the insights and inspiration they need to keep upskilling, remodelling and transforming their team to stay competitive in a fast-changing world.

Ty Hayes

“We know that as a marketing leader, you need to drive growth in some form or another: revenue, market share, brand, acquisition or retention. And that’s where we come in. We firmly believe that your team is the most powerful asset you have to shift the needle on your growth metrics” ~ Growth Generators’ website.

The first episode interviewed Leisa Bacon, Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and who was ranked #1 CMO in Australia in the 2020 CMO50 rankings.  Leisa has an incredible record in driving marketing transformation to achieve a highly competitive media environment. His show was a kind of masterclass in what it takes to drive marketing team transformation to achieve organisational strategic goals and compete with giant players such as Netflix, Spotify, and Apple News.

The Podcast with a CMO expert, Leisa Bacon. Image Supplied.

To listen to the podcast, people can simply visit their favourite podcast app and search for Lean Mean Marketing Teams. Ty Hayes welcomes fans of the podcast to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to enquire about being a guest on the show via his email ty@growthgenerators.io.

The most recent episode features Chris Taylor, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Movember and is available here.

Find out more about the Podcast by visiting the Growth Generators website at https://growthgenerators.io/podcast-leanmeanmarketingteams/