Anticipating life-after-death

Anticipate Life
Paul and Leanne Kamarudin

Most of us dread thinking about life-after-death, or anything like that.

Apart from all the stress and grief, there are the funeral worries, the choices that will be made for them, and all the digital footprint left behind such as: online and social media accounts, cloud-based depositories, passwords and logins… and all this can add stress to loved ones left behind.

New Perth-based startup Anticipate Life is providing a solution to the problem with a one-of-a-kind ‘digital locker’. The web-based service stores a person’s life records, that are often left for their loved ones to discover and sort out after their death.

This can include anything from the music they want played at their funeral, to the social media and streaming accounts that need to be cancelled.

The subscription-based service is designed to supplement a person’s Will. It allows people to store personal information in a private, single and secure location, … before they pass away.

Once a person has passed, the executor or nominee can access the subscribers safeguarded information.

We know it is making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Paul Kamarudin, Anticipate Life Founder.

Co-founder Paul Kamarudin says the idea came about when he and his wife discussed their own end-of-life plans and noticed a gap in the market.

Paul used his background in software and computing to ensure the service was designed to allow older people to confidently and easily use the technology.

“We have created a beautiful, easy-to-use product that won’t break the bank, yet gives greater peace of mind to everyone who uses it.”

Subscribers are given the ability to amend or update their information at any time, to ensure everything will be taken care of, how they wish.

Anticipate Life is believed to be the first purpose-built digital locker of its kind, and creators Paul and Leanne hope it will change peoples approach to end-of-life planning.


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