Misfit businesswomen making it

Kate Toon is the original misfit entrepreneur. Image -Supplied.

We’ve always known one size does not fit all. Businesswoman and entrepreneur, Kate Toon, encourages embracing a misfit approach to success.

As Australia’s business landscape transforms with the impacts of the pandemic, Kate says more women are using this time to upskill or start their own business.

TAFE NSW announced last month that over 10,000 women have enrolled in their ‘Women in Bussiness’ programs. This is double what they originally hoped for. Kate is sharing her expertise in copywriting and entrepreneurship as one of the experts helping develop the programs.

Kate is the original ‘misfit entrepreneur’. Her unique approach to business has served her well in her own career. She built a business empire from home and was named the 2020 Businesswoman of the Year at Australia’s My Business Awards.

Kate is all about encouraging women to celebrate their own version of business success. This means to stop wasting time and energy on comparison or imposter syndrome.

Misfit entrepreneurship is all about following your own path, and embracing your own quirks.

Kate Toon, entrepreneur

“I started as a new mum with no real idea of how to run a business, freelancing to support my family. It’s taken me a fair few years to build my success, creating online courses, communities, templates, resources, training, conferences, podcasts, publishing books and speaking at events around the world,” said Kate.

For Kate, success went further than her personal achievements. Kate helps other women who are starting their own business, supporting them in doing so on their own terms.

Kate believes the pandemic has been a catalyst for many women to rethink their approach to business. Kate has seen an increase in demand for her online courses and resources as well as a spike in traffic of her online communities. She says many are starting their own business and therefore experiencing self-employment for the first time.

I genuinely want to empower other women, and although at times it feels awkward, I want to be a role model for those women who don’t see themselves as the stereotypical entrepreneur.

Kate Toon, Entreprenur

“I’m all about being true to yourself and embracing your quirks, rather than projecting some ideal of glossy hair, perfect teeth and an Instagram-ready lifestyle,” said Kate.

Kate has helped over 10,000 businesses upskill on their SEO, educating them in digital marketing allowing them to create successful businesses on their own terms.