UXDX APAC Online Conference

UXDX APAC Online Conference. Image - Facebook

//UXDX Asia Pacific (APAC) is a product delivery conference featuring speakers from various startups, tech companies and government departments. Late tickets for the March 4 – 5 event are available till 8pm tonight and there’s probably still time to apply for the A$49 discounted rate.


On March 4 – 5, UXDX APAC will be held completely online.

The conference will focus on case studies, end-to-end product delivery steps, modernising product development and improving team performance. For those inclined to mingle, the event includes speed networking sessions and an even speedier two minute networking app for the inattentive socialite.  

There are over 25 talks, 12 workshops and over 500 attendees estimated to show up in the conference. Speakers include members of global industry leaders (Zip.co, Microsoft, Twitter, Stripe, etc) who will be delivering on-demand keynote talks, workshops and panel discussions.

Amongst the exciting tech talks, there are two sessions that stand out:

1. Anthea Blanas’ talk about product innovation in dusty old ancient Westpac. I think many would like to know Westpac’s rationale behind offering the highest yielding savings account (3%pa), but only to those below the magic age of 30.

2. Scott-Cass Dumbar’s talk about building digital strategy, digital capability and whole-of-government architecture. Scott works for the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency, which I think many of us didn’t even know existed. Generally speaking, the Digital Transformation Agency aims to improve user experience by helping government agencies develop digital service delivery skills.

About UXDX

UXDX stands for User Experience (UX), Experience Design (XD), and Developer Experience (DX). The conference was founded in Dublin by Catherine and Rory Madden in 2016. I recommend every true gamer to look up the Mojang and Reddit sessions to get an idea of what their conferences involve.

Rory Madden

According to Rory, he founded UXDX with his partner, Catherine, in response to his experiences from being on both ends of software delivery. He recounts that once he had to order software, he fell prey to bad product development habits that he had observed while working to deliver software. Hence, he created the conference to promote strategies that foster cross functional collaboration in the product development process.

“You can’t build a high-quality product working in silos. So we created UXDX to bring Product, UX, Design and Dev together”

Rory Madden

Since 2016, UXDX’s community events have expanded around the globe. Currently UXDX takes place twice annually in Europe and APAC. Late tickets for the March 4 – 5 event are available till 8pm tonight, setting you behind A$543 for talks and A$1,027 for talks + workshops, including taxes. Startups, freelancers and students can apply for a discounted price of A$49.