Wine time is now verified

Digital verification for auction wines. Image: Pexels
  • Perth-based Cellr has been developing ‘digital birth certificate’ for wine
  • This helps producers combat the global counterfeit problem
  • The tech will be incorporated in an upcoming Barossa wine auction

The biennial Barbossa Wine Auction event will look a little different this April as the South Australian winery announces a technology partnership with Perth startup Cellr.

The event will feature both online and dynamic live auctions. The auctions are open to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

“Barossa has a long and distinguished history of innovation. Partnering with Cellr assures the successful Barossa Wine Auction bidders of the provenance of their wine investments. “

The advanced technology allows each bottle to act as a digital postcard, showcasing a deeper range of our region’s stories directly to our global wine loving communities.”

James March – Chief Executive at BGWA.

Cellr brings digital labelling to the table.

At this year’s auctions, buyers can tap their smartphones on the Barbossa Seal of Provenance to verify that the wine is sourced directly from the winery’s museum collections – no app required.

The technology will allow the customer to stay connected with the The Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) and learn about their wine well beyond the point of auction.

“Building and maintaining brand integrity goes beyond authentication, it is also about creating a direct line of communication that connects wineries with their consumers.”

Chris Braine – founder and CEO of Cellr

Cellr also offers other products such as digital wine tastings, direct to customer marketing and brand protection.