Renergi wins $5.9M to turn trash to energy

Renergi feature
Renergi's 100 kg/hr gasification demonstration plant in Technology Park, Perth, WA. Image taken from Australian Government Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) Public Report.
  • Renergi has obtained $5.9 million in government funding to build a plant in Collie
  • They will turn municipal, forestry and agricultural waste into bio-oil and bio-char
  • Renergi is a spin-out company from Curtin University

Professor Chun-Zhu Li is a prolific bio-energy researcher who has been working for Curtin University since January 2009. He has filed at least six patents, four of which are under Renergi and two of which are under Curtin University.

Between 2012 and 2018, researchers led by Professor Chun-Zhu Li built a gasification demonstration plant (pictured above) that converted Mallee chips and wheatstraw into bio-fuel.

This led to the formation of Renergi in late 2012.

Renergi’s Video Presentation

Renergi’s goal is to commercialize bio-energy and bio-fuel technology developed by Curtin University’s Fuels and Energy Technology Institute. Its initial project was regarded as a success and the company is looking to apply its grinding pyrolysis technology to waste recycling in Collie, WA.

Government Support

The WA State Government and ARENA have respectively announced $3.9 and $2 million in funding for Renergi’s $9.4 million Collie project. Officials from both sides have lauded the project’s innovativeness and economic benefits.

“This project is a great example of how ARENA’s support can move a technology from early stage research and concept to demonstration, and put it on the pathway to commercialisation.

This plant will showcase a 100 per cent Australian technology we are proud to have funded in all key stages of its development.”

ARENA CEO Darren Miller

“In addition to the 20 construction and operational jobs, the project will generate a range of other economic and employment benefits for Collie from the sale of its

Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan

ARENA expects the plant to be operating within two years.

The agency claims that the plant will potentially convert 4000 tonnes of municipal waste and 8000 tonnes of forestry, and agricultural waste per year into bio-fuel and bio-char. Previously, ARENA has awarded $5.2 million to Renergi for its bio-fuel conversion demonstration plant.


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