Welcome to the new look Startup News!

Startup News new site 2021
We've had quite the facelift. Hope you enjoy...
  • We’ve had quite the facelift for 2021… hope you enjoy!
  • Thanks to Patrick Green and the Tekkon team

Welcome back to Startup News for 2021.

For those of you new to our site, welcome, and hello. For those of you who’ve followed the unfolding news from WA’s exciting early stage tech sector, thanks, and welcome back.

To our lovely sponsors. You’re lovely. Thank you for your support.

We were well overdue for an upgrade, and thanks to the wonderful Patrick and his awesome Tekkon crew, we have had a complete overhaul of our site and systems. The new look site is a distinct change on the old, and suits us really well.

If there’s anything awry, please let us know. It’s quite a change, so will take some getting used to.

For now, have a great year. We look forward to bringing you stories, interviews, podcasts and opinion/advice for and about West Australian startups.

Let’s go smash 2021. 😎