Local startups expanding opportunity in the wine industry


// Domestically, Cellr has partnered with Junovate while internationally, Atientic Group opens a friendly export opportunity in Europe…

Australian wine startups, Cellr, Junovate and Atientic Group have taken major steps forward, both domestically and overseas to expand and promote the Australian wine industry.

Cellr and Junovate look to connect consumers directly with their own unique marketing content, while Atientic aims to build a wide sustainable ecosystem to promote premium Western Australian wines in Nordic and European markets.

Cellr partners with Junovate

Cellr and Junovate have partnered to support this year’s Top 100 wineries in their endeavour to connect directly with consumers.

Top 100 wines have the opportunity to use Digital “Top 100” Wine Labels. Powered by Cellr’s NFC connected packaging solution, consumers can simply tap their smartphone on a Digital Wine Label to be virtually immersed in a wine’s brand experience.

Furthermore, in partnership with Junovate, Cellr is offering all 2020 James Halliday Top 100 winners the opportunity to win a complete D2C Digital Wine Label package valued at $2,900.

This includes Digital Wine Labels for 1,000 bottles from their winning vintage, including unlimited access to Cellr’s connected packaging platform for 6 months.

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Why bother with Cellr’s Digital Labels?

Well, unlike bottle labels and QR codes, Cellr’s Digital Labels can be easily customised and updated by producers via their computer or smartphone in real time with unlimited content features including competition draws, instant wins, direct reviews, virtual tasting bookings and geographical targeting.

The Junovate team are excited to present this offer from Cellr to awarded wineries, as an innovative solution to help them connect with more customers.

“We are really excited to be part of James Halliday’s Top 100 this year,” said Chris Braine, CEO and Founder of Cellr.

“The Top 100 is one of the country’s most recognised wine awards, but more importantly its purpose is to promote Australian producers.

This is really important to us, as everything we do at Cellr is for the producer. From enabling them to better connect with consumers, or manage their global supply chain.”

Chris Braine, CEO Cellr

Atientic Group promoting WA wine to Europe and Scandinavia

Tensions between China and Australia have been heating up recently.

With our nation’s largest trading partner imposing a hefty 200% tariff on Australian wine, Atientic looks to other world markets, in particular opening an eco-friendly export opportunity to Europe and Scandinavia.

Atientic wants to inspire their European customers to taste and broaden their drinking horizon, by providing premium wines from Western Australia, sustainably grown and environmentally friendly delivered.

“For us, it is important to actively but also proactively support our customers on their purchasing decision and to change this process to an enjoyable journey,” said Hamoun Aria, managing director of Atientic Group.

Hamoun Aria, managing director of Atientic Group. Image Supplied.

“Therefore, we help our customers to identify their needs by providing knowledge, creating awareness about WA wines and evaluating alternative available options so they can purchase a suitable beverage.”

The Swedish wine market is characterized as having a high income and increased involvement in the ‘foodie’ culture, increase demand for organic wine.

Hamoun cites Wine Australia, saying that “Nordic Countries currently represents 11% of Australian wine exports,” and that “Sweden remains Australia’s most important market for organic wine, receiving 46% of all Australia’s organic wine exports.”

“We believe that ocean provides the wind, but the team must raise the sails,” Hamoun continues, “therefore together with our producers we work to build an international ecosystem around Western Australian beverage products, with the focus on producers, customers, place and product.”

“We are a safe and stable bridge between Western Australian Wine producers’ and Nordic wine consumers.”

Hamoun Aria


Visit the startup’s website for more information.

Cellr: cellr.wine

Junovate: junovate.com

Atientic Group: abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=50641129133

MAIN IMAGE: Helena Lopes from Pexels.