Startup West podcast 45: Lorena Sumich, KIXXFIT


// We talk with Lorena Sumich, co-founder and CEO of fitness coach marketplace, KIXXFIT.

🎙Recorded down at Riff studios in the beautiful Perth, WA, Charlie and Kali talk with Lorena Sumich, co-founder and CEO of the fitness coach marketplace, KIXXFIT.

Not every startup co-founder needs degrees in commerce and law, and years in management consulting, but it helps! Lorena tells the story of what led to the creation of KIXXFIT, and how it has been going since launch.

“… I always say, when you go to those dark places, you need to bring a backpack, bring a torch, a notebook and some snacks! Because you’re going to be down there for a while, and you might as well use it as an opportunity to learn something.”

Lorena Sumich

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