Top 10 startup stories from September quarter

Startup News Top 10
The top 10 stories were about the usual stuff - successes, fund raising, grants and advice.

// Welcome to the first quarter for FY21. Here’s the top 10 startup stories so far…

We’ve been busy these past few months, as have you. We’ve reported on some capital raisings, launches and the impacts of JobKeeper among other things.

We experienced our largest ever month of traffic, in August, and crossed over the 3,000 threshold for the number of registered subscribers that receive our weekly enews wrap. We don’t know how many people there are in the WA startup scene, but we reckon we have it pretty well covered. 😎

Top (Most Read) 10 articles, Sept Qtr 2020

The most read stories in the last 3 months were:

  1. Brodie McCulloch announces for Lord Mayor: results on Oct 17th!
  2. One Ventures announces $120M fund
  3. WA joins the space race: Space Industries
  4. Catel launches agtech platform
  5. uDrew wins $508K AC grant
  6. JobKeeper’s removal/reduction effects
  7. Winners of the 2020 WAITTA Incite Awards
  8. Robotic sunshade launches: Fledge Technology
  9. The 60-minute pitch deck
  10. JobKeeper and R&D tax rebate issues: advice piece from RSM

The next batch of most read stories ALL involved fund raising:

  • the $12M raise closed by PictureWealth,
  • Bunsters $2M equity crowd funding round,
  • Functionly’s $598K AC Grant,
  • ClimateClever’s expansion round, and
  • the 36 Innovation Voucher winners

We know what floats your boat. 🚢 💲

Stay safe. Stay well.

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