Vitruvian Form rides the home gym trend


// Local fitness tech Vitruvian has added the endorsement of former Australian pole vaulter Amanda Bisk as orders for their new V-form home gym flow in…

If recommendation from an Australian elite athlete isn’t a strong selling point for a piece of high-tech fitness gear then perhaps we don’t know what is.

Sales are pretty good too, with Jolimont-based fitness business Vitruvian Form website declaring their new ‘V-range’ home gym is out of stock. Orders can be placed for October.

Ergonomic and Efficient

The V-form packs the world of weight racks, gym classes and resistance training into one slim carbon-fibre platform that can fit in your living room.

The trainer is like having a high-tech gym in your home, all condensed down to a 25 kg (100cm x 50cm) package.

Intelligent technology and sophisticated algorithms (programmed by sports scientists) carefully reads your strength capacity and interprets your preferred method of training for the optimal workout.

Communicating with the V-Form Trainer comes in the form of the V-Form App, allowing users to track their progress and synthesise gains against others in the online ‘Form Fam’.

The app contains a deep catalogue of coached sessions and visual classes and the ability to customise workout plans with expert help.

Image: Vitruvian Form website

Amanda Bisk is now one of these experts. She endorses her new classroom with gusto.

“I am impressed with the V-Form Trainer and the V-Form App. The V-Form Trainer enables you to train all major and minor muscle groups in the comfort of your own home,” she says.

There is no need to buy all different equipment, screw squat racks into your wall or think about where to store everything.”

Amanda Bisk

The Vitruvian Form can be ordered for $2200 from their website, with sales re-opening next month.


Photos supplied – feature image shows Amanda Bask with the V-form trainer.