Facilitating VR


// A new do-it-yourself VR training platform – Facilitate – has been launched by Perth-based startup, Unleashed

Local virtual reality (VR) training startup Unleashed has launched a new platform – Facilitate – a world first DIY solution for trainers and learning & development professionals of large organisations with remote staff.

Customers of Facilitate can create, manage and run their own VR and virtual training content at a fraction of the cost of using digital agencies or delivering face-to-face facilitation.

Established in 2016 as a VR training provider, Unleashed has positioned Facilitate as the ‘Canva of experiential training’, allowing customers to create high quality training experiences themselves. Subscription costs start at $500/month.

Ben Bauert, launching Facilitate, at Riff event

“Organisations with a significant remote workforce currently have to pay unsustainable travel and SME costs to provide live facilitation and impactful training experiences” said Ben Bauert, CEO at Unleashed, and the launch event held at Riff in Perth last week.

“We built Facilitate to bridge the gap between expensive live facilitation and affordable but largely ineffective e-learning. Facilitate levels the training playing field for those wanting to work from home or in remote areas.”

Ben Bauert, Unleashed CEO and Founder

Features and benefits of Facilitate include:

  • Virtual training rooms that bring remote workers together to overcome the significant costs of in-person training and the limitations of video conferencing
  • Virtual roleplay to provide a viable way to practice critical interpersonal skills from different locations
  • 360 video and photo training content capabilities to capture subject matter experts in action and provide location-based experiences to reduce training costs, decrease safety risks and improve productivity
  • Flexibility to access Facilitate via fully immersive VR headset or an easily accessible computer-based version.
Demo of the Facilitate VR do-it-yourself platform

Facilitate is available now on a month-to-month or annual subscription. For more information or to organize a free trial of Facilitate, visit www.facilitate.tech.


Photos – supplied; show Facilitate launch event, held at Riff co-working space, Perth, August 2020.