A healthy fit


// Perth founded dating app Fitfam Findr has announced a global partnership with London based 173Tech, introducing key members of the former Bumble team into their operation.

Fitfam Findr is a dating app that helps fit and active people find “healthy relationships” with other like-minded people.

Founder and CEO Brendan McCormack says the app idea organically sprung from a innocuous post on social media.

“It actually started as a joke via my Instagram Stories where someone asked for help to find a date,” Brendan told Startup News.

“I’m pretty engaged with my audience (35,000 followers) but that specific post got a huge amount of engagement with people asking for me to help them too.”

“It turns out that 85% of active people want to date equally active people. Current dating apps give them a poor experience due to compatibility… so Fitfam Findr just makes sense.”

Brendan McCormack

Coupled to conquer

Partnering with the 173Tech team, Fitfam Findr is seeking to expand their matchmaking across the globe. Drawing on their experience as Head of Data Analytics and Marketing Analytics respectively at Bumble, founders of 173Tech, Candice Ren and Robin Watteux, are excited to assist in Fitfam Findr’s journey.

“We love the fresh fitness angle of Fitfam Findr and the incredible energy of the founding team”

Candice Ren and Robin Watteux, 173Tech

“We can’t wait to bring more active singles together and accelerate the growth of healthy relationships all around the world,” says Candice and Robin.

Love in a time of lockdown

After launching in February 2020, Fitfam Findr users have found over 20,000 matches and experienced huge growth– even during the COVID 19 lockdowns that ravaged other startups.

Armed with their new partnership in 173Tech, Fitfam Findr is now on the lookout for investors with proven records in the space.

“Candice and Robin are the two people on the planet I’d want in my team right now, you just can’t buy that experience.” says Brendan.

“Now we look forward to working as a team and growing Fitfam Findr to be the best experience for fit and active singles to meet across the globe.”

Brendan McCormack
Fitness fanatics in search of love need look no further.


MAIN IMAGE: Brendan McCormack with Chelle Jeans.

Fitfam Findr is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

App Store – https://apps.apple.com/au/app/fitfam-findr/id1491875998

Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitfam.findr