Landgate  looks to ignite opportunities for indigenous entrepreneurs  


// Landgate is sponsoring a WA-based First Nation applicant for this year’s Curtin Ignition. Applications close 10th July…

With technology always available to us thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone, the availability and demand for location data has grown significantly. So too has the need for new businesses to rely on the insights gained from location data. 

Location data is any data with a location element, such as an address, used for locating buildings, services or people with a device. Locations or positions can be expressed as latitude and longitude, or eastings and northings, and may include height information.

Real estate, transport, agriculture, information technology and building and construction are just some of the many industries which rely on location data. 

Landgate Chief Executive Graeme Gammie  said location data provides consumers with valuable information which, combined with other datasets, can help to solve business problems and achieve goals across many different industries. 

“As the State’s land information authority, Landgate understands the power this data holds for any new business,” said Graeme.

That’s why Landgate is offering one scholarship for  a WA-based First Nations  applicant with a location data business idea, research project or early stage business venture  to attend Curtin Ignition.”

Graeme Gammie, Landgate


The Curtin Ignition  program is a five and a half day course run by Curtin University’s Business School – this year run from 30th Aug to 4th September – to help aspiring entrepreneurs prepare their ideas for the commercial environment.     

The course teaches entrepreneurs how to explain a business opportunity in commercial terms, apply a commercial approach to develop innovative ideas, and accelerate initiatives.

Graeme said the aim of the scholarship is to assist First Nations entrepreneurs building new products and services using location data.  

“Landgate is proud to be providing this opportunity for emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses,” Graeme said.  

“Aboriginal knowledge, experience and perspective benefits our culture and the community. Location is a major part of everything we do at Landgate, which is why contribution from our State’s First Nations people is so important.” 


Applications for the Landgate scholarship closes on  Friday 10  July. For all other applications, the deadline is Weds 22nd July.

For more information and to apply, please visit Curtin’s website


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