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// As government assistance is set to be turned off, one Perth startup is looking to help.

Businesses and workers have been hit hard by the pandemic and the subsequent recession. Unemployment in WA and across the country has risen. The future looks uncertain.

With the doubled jobseeker payments set to end in September, those out of work have a few months to find something in a changed world. One Perth startup is looking to help.

Studium has created a free platform that connects employers and job seekers in areas of high need.

Studium’s home page

Originally designed for student employment, since the pandemic focus has shifted to meet the needs of the agriculture and disability sectors.

Studium CEO Stuart Scott said the platform was designed for headhunting based on skills, attributes and experiences and allowed employers to get to suitable candidates quickly, helping students and graduates find opportunities and employers find talent.

“What we are looking for is partnerships with the local business communities, to jump on board the platform if they are looking for candidates,” Stuart told Startup News.

Stuart Scott, Studium CEO

Even the focus has changed to ag and disability, Stuart said the defining principle remained the same – that students can not only add value to businesses by bringing energy and fresh ideas but can also be efficient and effective.

Studium is now focusing on agriculture (Source: Charles Sturt University)

Studium practices what it preaches. It’s first two hires are uni students, who have already gained experience and grown their responsibilities within the business.

“As a startup we recognise one of the biggest challenges is around funding, and how you can grow your team with limited budget,” said Stuart.

“We advocate tapping into this labour pool as it is cost effective and value adding, while at the same time it helps the next generation get their foot on the career ladder.”

New ways, old ways

Finding a job in 2020 is very different to how our parents or grandparents had it. It’s all done online, while our elders may have visited every place in person and handed in their resume by hand.

Fundamentally, the recruitment process has not changed that much though. Ads are still posted and employers sift through responses – and for students and young people, it’s increasingly difficult as processes become more demanding and unemployment rises, especially during a pandemic and ensuing recession.

Stuart said since Studium launched it has been overwhelmed by the level of interest from candidates. In a few months more than 9,000 people have joined, demonstrating that people are desperate for better ways to find meaningful employment opportunities.

“As a startup, we are in a unique position to help,” he said.


For more, visit Studium.

Main image source: Gympie Times