How a chance meeting set two Perth friends on the startup path


// Two friends noticed how poor relationships were impacting people’s lives, including their own businesses. They built an app to help fix it …

A few years ago, Annette Phillips noticed an unexpected – yet common – issue among many business owners.

As business owners began to open up about their problems in their personal relationships, they noted how it negatively impacted their own businesses.

Annette and friend Meredith Dickle then set out to figure how to best support these relationships and help them thrive; and created the Take Two app.

As they say, it just takes two minutes to a better relationship.

The most fundalmental finding from positive psychology is that strong personal relationships have the greatest impact on your satisfaction with life.

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Take Two App

Main screen of Take Two App

The app creators are often asked if Take Two is a dating app like Tinder. The answer is a resounding NO!

The TAKE TWO App is for when … you’re well and truly into your steady, stable relationship. The sheen may be wearing off a bit and maybe you’re at the stage of needing a little help.

Annette Phillips

How it works

Based on the science of positive psychology, and the psychology of change, the app delivers inspirational quotes, wisdom and advice tailored especially for the customer.

Once you’ve opened the app, there are 3 quick steps to get going…

1 – Choose three to five positive qualities about yourself

2 – Choose three to five positive qualities about your partner

3 – Choose three to five areas you’d like some support with

The quotations will be then be delivered inside a ‘virtual gift box’, which the user will unwrap in the app. The gift opening sequence – deliberately – is timed to taken 90 seconds. During the wait, the customer is encouraged to pause, breathe deeply, and shift their thinking.

Why two minutes?

The app’s 90 second breathing technique is based on the research of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist, who wrote ‘My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Journey’.

Dr Jill’s research concludes that it takes 90 seconds for stress hormones to leave the body.

How to use Take Two

  • You can schedule the time when you want to receive your quote(s).
    • Some customers set their quotations daily to begin their day on a positive note.
    • Some customers set them in the afternoon or night time, so when they come home from work, they are greeted by a wholesome and meaningful message.
  • You can use the app to set a routine for an open discussion about your relationship.
  • You can send the quotes to people who they think will benefit from reading it.

It’s a lovely idea, and built on solid research.

Download on the App Store here.


To find out more about the app’s story and testimonials, check out their website here.

MAIN PHOTO: Meredith Dickle (left) with Annette Phillips. Photos supplied.