The last month of Zoom meetings? Probably not.


// 3 months of Zoom calls. Had enough yet? As offices, pubs and even cinemas re-open, there are still plenty of online startup events on our calendar for June…

“You’re on mute! hey, you’re on mute mate, we can’t hear you!”

Somewhere, a dog barks.

“Everybody ready? Well, we’ll just wait for a few more to join in.”

“Wait a minute, let me share my screen. Can you give me permission?”

People talking over each other.

“No, you go ahead, sorry… right, agh, … no, sorry, please go ahead…”

Awkward pauses.

In the background, your flatmate walks by with the washing. In their PJs.

Talking of backgrounds, how’s your Zoom virtual background going?

If you’ve not enjoyed 2019/20, you’ll be pleased to hear it won’t be troubling you much longer. Next month, we may have some actual – you know – physical events. Remember those? You had me at pubs are re-opening.

Meanwhile, stay connected. Reach out. Make that call. And CLICK the graphic below to open our EVENTS CALENDAR with more deets and links to register…



All startup events on this Calendar are free and in Perth (unless otherwise stated). They’re usually correct at time of publishing… but please check links for full details, as things may have changed, or we’ve got them wrong. We’re human. And not an algorithm. Yet. Beep beep.

  • If you’d like to have your WA startup event showing on this calendar, please email with all the information, including booking details (e.g. Eventbrite link).