GO1 provides 70,000 online courses free for WA


// We talk with the co-founder of workplace training company GO1, Vu Tran.

GO1 has partnered with the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) to provide over 70,000 free online courses for small businesses in WA until 30 June 2020.

Startup News spoke with one of GO1’s founders, Vu Tran. He’s a fan of mindfulness practice and recommends that people try it out.

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//SN: Could you introduce yourself?

VT: My name is Vu Tran and I am one of the co-founders of go1.com… think of us as the ‘Netflix of workplace training’.

//SN: What’s GO1’s competitive edge over other online learning providers?

VT: We aggregate training from providers all over the world and put it into one place for subscribers.

Our vision is to become an aggregator of learning of all those different providers.

They aren’t our competitors, they’re our partners.

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Source: GO1

//SN: Who are these ‘providers’?

VT: It could be anyone from a company, such as Skillsoft who trains 400 million people globally… to very niche providers like RUOK Day and Lifeline.

An example course. Source: GO1

//SN: Who are your users?

VT: Everyone from ANZ through to the entirety of the state government of Queensland…. to retail brands and small businesses.

//SN: Tell us more about the free services being provided…

VT: We partnered with the SBDC to provide our services for free for small businesses till the end of the financial year… you will get the same training Westpac bank or ANZ will have access to.

//SN: How have you guys adapted to the virus?

VT: We’ve seen a massive increase in usage of our learning.

In March, Italy went up to number four (among our top users).

In a space of two and a half weeks, we signed up over 65,000 Singaporean workers. That’s one percent of their entire population.

//SN: So in WA, what small businesses have used your services?

VT: We have hundreds signed up already… there’s no key particular subject that they are interested in. I can tell you it’s as diverse as any industry we’ve looked at.

//SN: Looking forward, what do you think is going to happen in WA?

VT: One of the big things we need to think about is what role will small businesses can play in recovery…? [so] providing great training to small businesses and employees is essential.

//SN: What difficulties have you found when you were trying to get this program off the ground?

VT: The biggest challenge we faced is letting people know it’s out there and available.

//SN: That’s the biggest challenge in WA.

VT: Yeah, it’s pretty hard, we’ve got a pretty distributed state right?

WA is a very difficult market to try and give something away!

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//SN: Do you face the same difficulties over East?

VT: No, because there are a lot more channels to reach people there.

//SN: Is there any program in GO1 you really like?

VT: There’s lots, I am a doctor (GP) so I love anything to do with personal well-being and mental health.

You can register as a one person business by the way. Any size business.

Mental Health Awareness course on GO1.
Source: GO1

For more information, go to GO1, or the SBDC.
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