Building a future in renewable energy


// Perth startup BuildSort is set to implement their smart contract platform in collaboration with the East Rockingham Waste to Energy Project (ERWTE).

The collaboration shows huge potential in bringing innovation and technology to multiple industries including, construction, waste management and renewable energy.

BuildSort was founded in 2018 by Chris Dorian with the goal of streamlining the planning and building processes through their software that facilitates trust and transparency between construction stakeholders.

While allowing transparency between stakeholders, the software is also designed for protection of privacy through the blockchain technology, promoting ease of communication.

The proof-of-concept smart contract platform developed by BuildSort automates the construction process, with consideration for variations of work, project delays and even contractual disputes.

“We hope BuildSort helps project managers remove the stresses they take home at the end of the day,” BuildSort CEO and Co-Founder Chris Dorian said.

BuildSort has adapted quickly to the changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been able to transition all their face-to-face meetings to collaborative online sessions.

“Our modern tools work perfectly, given a decent internet connection,” BuildSort CMO and Co-Founder Aaron D’cruz said

Their software was designed to assist with document organisation and digitising contracts, so has been a much needed step forward for the industry.

“Paper exchange is dangerous in the COVID-19 era and is also risky for a project under normal circumstances,” Aaron said.

The collaboration with ERWTE marks a significant milestone for BuildSort and provides the opportunity to exhibit their ability and highlight the benefits they provide in the construction process.

“BuildSort’s platform is a fresh approach to project and contract management, and we look forward to examining its performance in practice,” ERWTE acting CEO Robert Kay said.

“Collaborating on this state-of-the-art project will help demonstrate BuildSort’s capability to automate high-risk construction processes,” Chris said.

Good treatment

The ERWTE project will treat up to 300 thousand tonnes of waste each year, generating 29MW of renewable energy. Enough to power 36 thousand Perth homes.

The project has the potential to reduce emissions each year by the equivalent of taking 64,000 cars off the road.

ERWTE will need to bring together multiple stakeholders and will require a high degree of monitoring to be successful.

“Having BuildSort’s digital tools to track and automate these functions will provide certainty that obligations are being met and done more efficiently,” Robert said.

“As well as driving innovation in the waste industry, by converting Perth’s waste into sustainable energy, we have an opportunity to drive much-needed innovation into the construction sector during delivery.”


MAIN IMAGE: Ryan How (left) with Chris Dorian (centre) with Aaron d’Cruz (right). Image Supplied.