App to help reduce spread of COVID-19


// As restless and bored as we may be, self isolation is very necessary if we are to get through this COVID-19 pandemic quickly, and this app helps remind us of that…

Self-isolate is a free app that’s targetted at people diagnosed with Coronavirus, or those that have been in close contact with someone who has and are required to self-isolate.

The brainchild of Apps People CEO Stuart Kidd and Australian Tenders CEO Rob Nathan, both came together to design and build the app, with investment from the Upstart Accelerator Fund.

Stuart (left) and Rob (right)

Its features include:

  • generation of a virtual quarantine zone – where the user can choose their self-isolation location;
  • pinging notifications – if the user leaves their nominated quarantine zone with their phone, they will be notified. Relevant authorities can be pinged if required.

The next phase of the app

Further functionality with include pairing it with a bluetooth wristband. For extra reminder security, the monitoring will be on the user, instead of the phone. The wristband would come with a push button, which calls for medical attention.

The app is in beta mode. For more information, head over here to be involved in testing.

Stay safe and take care everyone!


Photos supplied, from website; and also from cottonbro from Pexels.