Startup WA announces a membership deal


// WA’s peak representative body for startups – Startup WA – wants you as a member. Here’s why…

The StartupWA board are excited to announce the introduction of a new StartupWA Membership for 2020.

Individual members of the startup ecosystem are invited to join StartupWA for an annual membership fee of $100 (including GST).

Members can then take advantage of thousands of dollars worth of benefits kindly provided by our Affiliates as well as discounts to StartupWA events.

You can view a full list of the member benefits here.

“We will continue to add to these benefits thanks to the ongoing generosity of Affiliates and Partners. This is an opportunity that benefits both members and affiliates alike,” said Startup WA Chair Tom Goerke.

“Our vision is for Western Australia to be recognised as a global hub for entrepreneurial and technology talent and where the value that startups bring to the economy is widely embraced.”

Startup WA

Startup WA’s mission Statement is to advance the startup industry in Western Australia by:

  1. Increasing the visibility and understanding of the technology startup industry;
  2. Working with government at all levels to ensure that the interests of the technology startup industry are represented; and
  3. Promoting the startup industry throughout Western Australia

Startup WA’s 2019 Startup Report individually highlighted over 500 startups in WA that they believe are vital to the future of WA and should be actively celebrated and represented.

2019’s Startup Report

Startup WA has changed the membership in 2020 to address a number of key areas:

• Strengthen its standing as an advocacy body to represent startups and entrepreneurs in the WA innovation ecosystem. The key to this is to have members.

• Membership is about backing the startup ecosystem of WA, and in doing so supporting StartupWA to strengthen its advocacy and promotion of the growing technology startup sector in Western Australia.

• Startup WA wants to make sure it’s easy for anyone to get involved by opening up membership and allowing people to contribute through working groups and other volunteer roles.

• Membership gives startups, corporates and affiliates the mechanism for their voice to be heard and to help shape and inform the future state of the sector.

• Members will be invited to regular meetings, will be able to join StartupWA working groups and gain access special offers from Affiliates.

This is a pilot programme that aims to show the Startup WA board the interest from the community in a representative membership prior to moving to a full voting model.

Recent Achievements

• Elected 3 new board members;

• Released the WA startup ecosystem 2019 report demonstrating the value of startups to the WA economy;

• Held a summit (BASECAMP) of Affiliate Organisations to put together a plan for where the sector could be; and,

• Advocacy work with various government departments, industry and universities.


For more on StartupWA, visit the website.