Top Ten Startup News Articles from 2019

Startup News Top 10
The top 10 stories were about the usual stuff - successes, fund raising, grants and advice.

// The most read Startup News articles were – not surprisingly – about funding, launches and growth…

In 2019, Startup News published 233 articles, 20 podcast episodes, doubled its subscriber base, reached record traffic and promoted WA’s exciting startup scene all year long.

No doubt for the rest of you – as with us – it was a busy year.

Some other things we got up to 2019 were…

  • signed up 9 Curtin Uni journo & media students to do the writing;
  • reached record traffic for a month (over 4,000 visitors);
  • attracted 37K unique visitors to the site (+15% on 2018);
  • signed up five full sponsors (= our maximum) – thank you JTSI for coming on board with Wrays, BDO, Curtin Uni and Spacecubed;
  • sponsored the Freo Startup Fest, the main West Tech Fest event and various hackathons, a blues band (!) and other events;
  • sponsored and contributed to the Startup WA Report;
  • sponsored the publication and hosting of the interactive HUBS (ecosystem) and CO-WORKING databases;

Go #WA #Startups!

Top 10 stories of 2019

But what, dear reader, engaged you most in 2019? Well, for the most part, understandably, it was mainly about – as ABBA sang – money, money, money…

What will 2020 have in store?

Bring us your news. Do you have a launch, a pivot, a raise, an exit, some learnings…? It’s all good. We want to hear, and share…

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