Innovation Central Perth and NERA forge a WISE partnership


// The new partnership aims to benefit the energy resources sector by assisting industry IoT development and deploying sensor technology to diagnose problems.

Innovation Central Perth (ICP), a Cisco-led collaboration with Curtin University, Woodside and Data61-CSIRO has partnered with National Energy Resource Australia (NERA) to provide matched funding support to the Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment (WISE) Program.

WISE is a partnership between ICP and a growing number of industry members with the goal of boosting productivity and cost efficiencies across industry sectors by leading best practices for data management and the widespread deployment of wireless sensor technologies.

Matched Funding on offer

This matched funding will not only aim to optimise efficiency in industrial processes but will also try to demonstrate how productivity and cost efficiencies can be improved across the energy and resources supply chains.

Tom Goerke, Cisco’s lead for Co-Innovation Centres in Australia said the WISE program provides members with the resources to collaborate and test Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to solve business challenges.

“WISE members are regularly brought together through several workshops, networking functions, problem solving events and design thinking groups to prototype solutions,” Tom said.

“The program taps into a broad resource of expertise and talent from ICP’s partners and other WISE members, including from NERA, a member and project partner who collaborates right across the energy resources sector.”

The new partnership will aim to optimise efficiency in industrial processes

NERA Chief Executive Officer Miranda Taylor said the program has the potential to address contemporary and future challenges stemming from inspection and maintenance schedules, ageing infrastructure and other operational issues due to the speed that new technologies can be deployed.

“With the emergence of technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, our sector has the opportunity to improve the operation and maintenance of assets by cost- effectively deploying IIoT technology,” Miranda said.

“NERA is pleased to support the WISE Program and similar initiatives that can help streamline the adoption of innovative, cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of Australia’s energy resources sector and the broader economy, but also to leverage Australian innovation into global supply chains and create new value and job opportunities.”

WISE move

The program also provides members with access to existing infrastructure located at ICP and Curtin University’s main Perth campus for experimentation and testing.

“WISE offers a unique open collaboration format to its members, which includes a mix of industry and end-user organisations, technology providers, and research organisations,” said Tom.

Tom Goerke

Members are provided with acoustic, ultrasonic, location, vibration, soil moisture, surface moisture, temperature, CO2, VOx and luminosity sensors by the Centre and are also given the opportunity to test their own.

In addition to this, subject and matter experts help identify and validate the most appropriate sensor, connectivity and analytics technology stack to address their most challenging problems in operating various physical assets.


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