Fancy some free NDA and confidentiality agreement docs?


// Intellectual theft can be committed by corporations and government bodies at any moment. How can startups protect themselves, at a reasonable cost?

Startups often take a huge IP risk when pitching their ideas to larger companies, whether it’s to secure funding or pin down a major client.

It’s a quandary. How much can you tell them, without giving the game away? How much will be kept in confidence? Is this when you slip out your 20-page NDA and get then to sign it right there? Is that insulting?

Even casual conversations can cost money.

Toowong-based (Qld) company LightYear Docs is now offering non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement documents to small businesses and entrepreneurs free of charge. (Other documents start at $99 and rise from there, but the NDAs are free.)

The LightYear Docs are run on a SaaS model, but the NDA docs are free.

The company has launched a tax and legal documentation platform dedicated to protecting small companies and startups against IP theft. The service is intended to save time and money and make the whole business far easier.

The platform is powered by HotDocs and claims to be “the world’s most advanced legal, tax and super document creation engine”.

The service offers a guaranteed reduction in staff time and costs per document produced in addition to standard documentation and market-leading strategy packs. As a result, customers can reduce in-house risk, increase accuracy and enhance compliance, say the company.

Other available documents include RPA strategy packs, business and commercial agreements, documents for company setup, SMSF Trust deeds and discretionary Trust deeds, SMSF borrowing, SMSF income streams, SMSF estate planning, SMSF maintenance and upgrades.

For more information, to book a demo or to receive LightYear Docs free non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement documents click here.


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