Plan your online legacy with My Digital Afterlife


// Is there life after death? No one can say for sure. What happens to our digital lives is something a new SA-based SaaS business has an answer for…

What happens to all your digital and social accounts when you pass away? You may not have given it much thought, but South Australian startup My Digital Afterlife has launched a service that could give you peace of mind.

While some people may nominate a Facebook legacy contact who manages their newly ‘memorialised’ account, many may have no idea what happens to all their online accounts, personas, avatars, logins and passwords should they may move on from this world.

My Digital Afterlife went live on 14th May, and has been designed to allow users to plan their legacy for more than just Facebook. The key idea behind the new service is the unpredictability of the future for our digital identities.

“I believe our digital assets will only become more valuable,” said Theresa Shaw, CEO.

“Currently, the average person has between 20 and 30 digital accounts, ranging across social media, email, entertainment, loyalty programs and productivity apps.”

Theresa Shaw, My Digital Afterlife

No singular means of managing all of these distinct and separate accounts has existed until now.

My Digital Life CEO, Theresa Shaw

Part of the startup’s mission is also to lobby “providers of digital accounts to be more responsive and adopt a more consistent approach to the needs of deceased estates”.

“The problem has been the inconsistent approach to managing deceased estates from the companies providing digital accounts and not understanding the value that consumers place on their digital assets and how they want their digital assets managed after they pass on,” said Theresa.

What’s the offer?

Once subscribed, users can securely store their online account information and create a kind of ‘digital will’.

Users are not asked for passwords to any of the accounts, but are asked to nominate an ‘Executor’, who My Digital Afterlife will contact to ensure their identity using software such as Verifi.

The executor’s job is to contact My Digital Afterlife in the event of the user’s death and complete their legacy wishes with the guidance of My Digital Afterlife. The subscription funds this service, and so neither the executor nor the estate they are managing are charged.

“If you wanted to transfer any unused Flybuys points to another person from your estate you can leave instructions to that effect,” said Theresa.

SaaS Model

My Digital Afterlife currently offers two plans, both for individuals.

One is a monthly subscription for $4 per month, and another at $44 every year. The yearly subscription gets you one month free and offers identical coverage to the former. Both plans offer the secure storage of unlimited digital assets and legacy wishes, free phone support, and support for your executor.

“We are delighted to be offering a service that puts control back in the hands of consumers,” said Theresa.

With readily-available life insurance, funeral planning and companies like My Digital Afterlife, choosing the ways we are remembered is getting easier. That should give us all a little peace of mind.


For more, visit My Digital Afterlife.