Blockhead’s blockchain wins major Canadian client Wheaton


// Perth and Vancouver based Blockhead Technologies has secured Wheaton Precious Metals as a client for its blockchain supply chain solution…

Securing one of the world’s largest precious metals streaming companies as an enterprise client is a major win for the blockchain business Blockhead Technologies, which has offices in Leederville and Vancouver.

With a market cap of US$9.5B and nineteen operating mines, Wheaton will be leveraging Blockhead’s technology as part of the streamlining of its metal accounting processes.

Greg Leach, CEO Blockhead Technologies

“This is a great outcome for Blockhead and a testament to the expertise and vision of the Blockhead team,” said Greg Leach, Blockhead Technologies’ CEO.

“We look forward to delivering an outstanding outcome for Wheaton and delivering on our objective of building Blockhead into a market leader in our sector.”

Blockhead implements a platform that allows companies to have greater control over their current data, as well as access and visualise historical data.

“Companies such as Wheaton can benefit from a streamlined data management process, along with greater assurance of data accuracy,” said Dr. James Allen, Blockhead’s Data Scientist.

“This empowers them to better utilise their data to drive operational
efficiencies and strategic outcomes.”

Blockhead Technologies is a software company creating blockchain-enabled solutions for the mining sector. Set up in in 2017, its flagship platform STAMP aims to bring secure tracking and source certification into mining value chains.


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