Startup West podcast ep15: Kevin Forcier, Storekat

Kevin Forcier

A logistics tech accelerator in London was the catalyst for Kevin Forcier’s Storekat, who is now building oneVASTwarehouse in the UK and Ireland …

Startup West talks with Kevin Forcier, co-founder and CEO of Storekat, who is building oneVASTwarehouse in the UK just in time for Brexit (maybe, if and when it happens… let’s just not mention Brexit shall we?!).

Kevin’s story is one of sheer grit and determination, to never give in and try new things. In 2017, he was contacted by a UK-based logistics tech accelerator. He not only got onto the accelerator, he was the only business to be invested in by them and the large corporate that sat behind the program.

Not only that, Kevin landed three of the most sought after angel investors in WA and won an Accelerating Commercialisation grant. How’d he manage all that..?

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Interviewers: Charlie Gunningham & Beth Caniglia. Photo: Tom Riordan.



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