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Showgirl Turned Mumpreneur Takes Out National Prize

Caitlin Paroczai
Caitlin Paroczai

Perth mother of three, Jay Crisp Crow, was shocked to take home the trophy for AusMumpreneur of the Year in the WA Business Excellence category at The AusMumpreneur Awards…

After fourteen years in private school communications, Jay started her copywriting service Crisp Copy at her dining room table, with a borrowed laptop and zero investment.

Becoming A Business Owner

Despite having no business background and battling a chronic illness, Jay devised a five-year-plan to ensure that Crisp Copy could replace her income. Within two years, she was knocking back clients and quit her job to become a business owner.

Jay told Startup News that a fellow business-owning friend inspired her to start Crisp Copy.

“I was tired of writing amazing things that a Principal passed off as his own. I’d hit the ceiling for an hourly wage without another degree. I never wanted to write another policy and procedure, but the marketing and communications aspect of my job made me light up.

I sat with a fellow business-owning friend and told her I was going to find another job because I was frustrated with mine. She told me I was crazy and encouraged me to take everything I do as an employee and start a business with it.”

From Showgirl to AusMumpreneur of the Year

With her sights originally set on musical theatre, Jay has already enjoyed much success as a multi-award-winning copywriter, editor and copy coach. Now, she can add AusMumpreneur of the Year to her trophy cabinet.

Showgirl Turned Mumpreneur Takes Out National Prize
Jay Crisp Crow

The AusMumpreneur Awards, presented by The AusMumpreneur Network, celebrate and recognise Australian mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation.

After being named as a finalist in her category, Jay travelled to Melbourne to pitch to three independent judges against a number of diverse businesses in the WA Business Excellence category.

The judges reached the unanimous decision that she stood out as the clear winner, due to her high-achievements, strong brand profile and ability to inspire other mums.

Jay told Startup News that she was shocked to win the award.

“I was utterly shocked… These women were doctors, mothers, innovators, empire builders. When I pitched to the judging panel, I felt questions were geared towards growth and scale and taking on the world, and most of my answers revolved around staying small and being boutique… I thought I didn’t have a chance,” she said.

“Turns out, the judges’ decision was unanimous… so goes to prove you can never guess what people are looking for or what they value.”

Make Some Noise

Like many startups, Jay has experienced challenges along the way. The biggest being finding her own voice.

“It took me 37 years to take up the space I deserved. To find my own voice, after decades of writing (or singing) in someone else’s. Launching Crisp Copy has been the biggest personal growth journey I’ve ever been on,” she said.

“Like many women, I placed far too much importance on what other people thought of me… but it’s one of the most freeing things this business has taught me – they don’t matter.”

“Be unafraid of finding your own voice… and make some noise.”

Find out more about Jay Crisp Crow by visiting her website –>

Find out more about Crisp Copy here –>

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Caitlin Paroczai

Caitlin Paroczai

Caitlin Paroczai is a third-year Media and Communications and Law student at The University of Western Australia. With interests in broadcast journalism and marketing, Caitlin is passionate about Australian startups creating social impact. A big lover of the arts, writing and public speaking, Caitlin views working in media as an opportunity to combine her passions with her work. Always seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience, she is excited to be contributing to Startup News as a student journalist.

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