Startup that gives yer work mates a shout out


Perth-based IT professional Donna Edwards has launched SHOUTOUT, which aims to make it easier to give recognition at work…

Launched on Tuesday night at the Globe bar in Perth’s CBD, the new workplace recognition service ‘Shoutout’ was born from Donna Edwards’s passion for creating great workplace cultures.

She has already grown multiple Perth businesses, earned best place to work awards, and is a regular conference speaker on culture and diversity.

What is it?

Screenshot of the Shoutout service

It’s a simple, easy to use recognition wall to encourage a culture of gratitude.

With over 20 years’ experience leading teams Donna has reviewed and implemented a range of people and HR apps, and found there was a gap in the market for something easy to setup and administer, focusing on gratitude rather than costly rewards.

Donna’s team is also passionate about the community so Shoutout has a give-back program through which organisations that subscribe to the service can nominate a NFP to receive free access.

“Shoutout offers single sign-on for secure, easy setup and integrates with several popular messaging apps including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer to help employees share the love,” Donna told Startup News.

The service is 99c per user per month, with a minimum of $50/month, paid via secure credit card platform.

The Shoutout team is made up of Donna Edwards, Paul Barrett, Kristy Sachse, and Ian Hughes.


For more information go to or email

MAIN IMAGE: Lacey Filipich (left) with Donna Edwards (centre) with and Fran Hughes at the launch this week.