Local angel investor makes your garden grow


Local angel investor Ray Hart found a product he loved so much he bought the company and became managing director. Now his UrbiPod product is taking off…

Well known Perth angel investor Ray Hart was one of the original ‘WA Angels’  – as they called themselves back in 2009, now ‘Perth Angels’ – together with Greg Riebe and Jim Tweddle.

One such business idea Ray came across was UrbiPod, which he invested into and then took over as managing director in 2014.

Designed to make your herbs, salads and micro greens grow year round, this nifty device has made everything easy with a self-watering benchtop device to promote speedy plant growth.

The UrbiPod comes with the already assembled product including movable LED light halo, AC power transformer, 4 growing Pods specifically designed for the capillary to keep your plants watered, 250ml of liquid nutrients and 5 natural coir growing discs and 4 packets of seeds.

The video below shows the unboxing of an UrbiPod, everything it comes with, how to set it up and start growing fresh produce…

The product is also mobile and easy to move around, isn’t an eyesore – it looks quite cute actually – and is straightforward to run. The company also offers free shipping and a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

According to Ray, the new kitchen appliance has had a successful TV debut recently, selling more than a product a minute. Customer response and reviews for this product have also been positive.

Interestingly, the UrbiPod is Australian made and WA designed.

Co-founder Neal Anderson said that the company started its journey with the pre-conceived notion that the product had to be manufactured in China and that Australia couldn’t make it competitively. When they found they could design and make it here, then the Australian branding gave them a nice message to take to market (“Australian owned and made”).

Urbipod can be purchased on the Urbotanica website for $295 along with additional herbs, pods, coir and other gardening products like fungicide spray, herb cutters and more.

Egg and cress sandwich anyone?