DDD Perth’s non-profit software developers conference to run again in August


Last year 300 attended the DDD Conference in Perth; this year the organisers are hoping for 400…

If you did not know what DDD was, then you may have missed our July 2017 interview with one of its organisers. Well, it’s back again this year, and hopes to be bigger and better than ever.

DDD stands for ‘Developer! Developer! Developer!’ and is an inclusive non-profit conference for the Perth software community. It’s been running for a few years now, has grown every year and this year it’ll take place at PCEC on Saturday 4th August.

The cost is kept to a low $50 for the entire day, and if you’d like to present, the organisers are taking submissions until June 3rd. Voting then takes place – speakers are chosen democratically by the community – with an agenda published on July 25th. Ticket sales close the day before on August 3rd.

You can submit a presentation idea here. Sessions can be on any software topic. The organisers want to encourage anyone who would like to present, maybe someone – like you? – who’s never done it before to give it a go. They even provide speaker training.

“Our goal is to run inclusive, approachable events that benefit the Perth software community and provide opportunities for people that don’t normally get to attend at or speak at conferences to do so.” co-organiser Rob Moore told Startup News.

“As we know, non-tech startup founders are often looking for developers – so they should attend, and the techies involved with startups should also be attending this conference to keep up to-date and, even better, to share their experiences with others.”

DDD Perth is about the whole software community, from design to data science, encompassing embedded software, high performance computing, web development, app development and everything in between.

Some attendees at last year’s DDD Perth.

If you are working in and around software, then this conference wants to hear from you.

In previous years there have been presentations about home automation, attraction of women in IT, how to give feedback, modern authentication, neural networks, working from home, data analysis from the SKA and many more.

“Didn’t get in last year? Refine your abstract and put it in again!” says Rob. “Think your subject isn’t relevant? You would be surprised; just drop us a line if you want chat, or come to our abstract writing workshop for some dedicated mentorship.”

“Our goals for this year include: growing the conference to ~400 people (retaining the status of biggest software conference in the state) and our primary focus this year is to improve the inclusivity and diversity of attendees and speakers (we spend a large proportion of every committee meeting focussing on this and similarly with our organising efforts, we posted about our efforts last year.”

“The main changes we have planned are: growing from 3 to 4 tracks of talks, childcare (we have committed to this and have added childcare tickets to Eventbrite), making Q&A optional for speakers, expanded speaker training, ballroom area of PCEC including foyer looking out over Elizabeth Quay, improved (speed and quality) video recording.”

“The changes we are hoping to introduce, but haven’t locked in yet: workshops track and live captioning.”

The organisers are currently in the process of sourcing two exciting keynote speakers (with one likely being international), but can’t confirm who yet.

Last year they had Gojko Adzic and Kris Howard as keynotes. Their videos are on the DDD Youtube channel, with Gojko’s posted below:


You can read more on the DDD website.