Perth Employee Survey Startup 6Q Releases Book on Startup Culture

Startup Culture Book spread
Startup Culture Book spread

Local startup 6Q has published an ebook titled Startup Culture: Creating a Company Culture that Rocks! Which went to first place on Product Hunt books on the first day of release.

The 107 page book, available for free as a PDF from the Startup Culture Book website, covers everything that a startup or established business needs to know about creating a great company culture within their team.

As well as Author, Miles Burke, who is founder and Managing Director of the Australian 18 month old startup, 6Q, the book also features quotes from the founders of some of the world’s great startups, such as Twitter, Buffer, Moz and 500px.

“I reached out to some fantastic founders, who gave their time freely to us, to help promote better company cultures in both startups and established businesses” said Miles. “We were very pleased to get featured on Product Hunt, which has a massive user base” he added.

The book is broken down into 14 chapters, including how to create company values, how to hire for cultural fit and employee retention strategies.

Startup Culture Book
Cover of the Startup Culture Book

The books website states “Growing your startup is hard work. As a founder, you’re juggling growth, customer acquisition, funding and plenty of other distractions. You need to build a team, with a culture you want to work in yourself. This book covers much of what you need to know to create a culture and build a team that will drive your startup to success. Best part of all, it’s absolutely free.”

The book is the latest offering from employee pulse survey startup, 6Q, who also has a widely read blog, which publishes content on similar topics every week, and is read by thousands.

Justin Davies, Co-Founder of Prezentt, said “Once again, Miles cracks it with a ripping, clear and simply expressed book that gets to the heart of what’s important. Do yourself a favour, read it and implement it.”

Disclaimer: Miles Burke is a Producer at Startup News, and creator of the product mentioned in this article.