Parent Intermediary Tool Famylia Launches


Famylia, a secure online communication dashboard helping parents more effectively communicate about their children when there are impediments to communication due to divorce, separation or work travel, announced they have gone live.

After founding the business in October 2015, the husband and wife team, Lacy (lawyer and family mediator) and Gordon (commercial entrepreneur) Gow, have built the platform from scratch in conjunction with their developer.

Famylia is a secure online platform that provides organising, scheduling and communication tools with monitoring and translation services for parents in high conflict.  Famylia has a shared calendar, children updates/journal section and a financial bills application.  Famylia also allows for third party access with permission from the users and can be integrated into a divorce or separation process through a family separation services provider.

The testing has now been completed and all levels of subscriptions are available for consumption as well as a option to purchase not only for individual parents needing assistance with communicating about their children but also professionals separation service providers (ie family lawyers, mediators, counselors) who incorporate our product into their service offering as well as private and public organisations corporate wellness teams who provide our product to their employees working rosters such as FIFO or DIDO away from their families.

Of the company’s recent launch, Famylia Director and Co-Founder, Lacy Gow said, “Although the product build took longer than initially expected, we are so proud of the result we achieved. It is above and beyond the initial scope developed in conjunction with our users’ feedback. We really feel we have ‘hit the nail on the head’ in terms of identifying what parents need to be sharing back and forth about their children for an effective co-parenting relationship and how to reduce conflict both currently and in the future, benefiting the whole family unit.

Simplifying the communication process and providing a platform which keeps secure records also is a great benefit to our corporate users. We look forward to helping parents use technology to create a more harmonious co-parenting relationship. “

Famylia has two levels of subscription including basic which allows for full use of the dashboard and all the functions including a shared calendar to enter details about parenting arrangements for the children or special events, a journal function broken down into the key subject areas about each child to update the other parent and a bills section to share any financial information or invoices for child related costs.

The premium subscription level allows for a filtering system whereby Famylia intercepts any posts by the other parent and removes all abusive language. The parent receiving the information can rest easy knowing that they will only be receiving the child focused relevant content but all original messages are stored as well.