Simply Wall St Releases App


Simply Wall St, a Sydney based start-up (that we’re claiming as a Perth success story because they started at Startup Weekend Perth #2) helping retail investors make better long-term investment decisions have announced that it has launched its mobile app today, available immediately on iOS and Android.

The Simply Wall St app is a free, simplified version of the Simply Wall St web platform used by more than 34,000 investors.

androidThe app allows users to discover new long-term investment opportunities by simply swiping through the market and adding stocks they like to their Portfolios. Every US, UK and Australian listed company (a total of over 15,000) is analysed and the results presented as an easy to understand infographic. Founder and CEO Al Bentley said:

“A majority of retail stock investors have no or very little idea about what they are actually doing1. That ends in them either underperforming the market, or even losing money. We are doing the complicated analysis for them and presenting the results in a visual form they can easily understand.”

How does it work?

To help users find good long-term investments the Simply Wall St app provides them with a detailed fundamental analysis on every listed company presented as an easy to understand infographic.

  1. The user selects what kind of stocks they are interested in, such as:
    •  Undervalued
    •   High Growth
    •   Bank account beaters
    •   Top dividend payers
  2. 4Then swipes through the results to find companies that look interesting enough toresearch further.
  3. Dives in deeper and conducts detailed due diligence on any company in the US, UK or Australia using our infographic report.
  4. User adds the stocks they like to their portfolio.
  5. Simply Wall St then analyses and visualises the user’s Portfolio to help them understand its strengths and weaknesses.

What is included in the Simply Wall St analysis?

The analysis uses institutional quality data from Standard and Poor’s Capital IQ and performs 30 checks across 5 different areas. Over 1,000 data points are used to analyze each company and these are updated every 6 hours.

Each company also has a Snowflake graph which is a summary of the infographic and gives user a quick snapshot of company’s investment profile.

About Simply Wall St:

The mission of Simply Wall St is to help retail investors make better, informed and non- emotional long-term investment decisions by turning complicated financial data into easy to understand infographics.

The platform has over 34,000 users and covers the US, UK and Australian stock markets. Simply Wall St is based in Sydney, Australia and was founded in 2014 by Alistair Bentley and Nick van den Berg.

Simply Wall St has secured a seed round of $600,000 AUD led by Michael Quinn from Innovation Capital in August 2015, bringing the total raised by the startup to $700,000 AUD.

Simply Wall St was featured in prestigious media outlets in Australia and around the world, such as: CNBC, Forbes, Sky News, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and is used by students and educators at Australia’s and world’s best universities such as: MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, NYU Stern, Berkeley, UTS, University of Sydney.

To download the app go to