Mixin Announces Lineup


Mixin is a one-day conference in Perth, aiming at “cross discipline collaboration and learning for web professionals”. They’ve just announced two international speakers for the conference.

Mixin is a product of the vibrant and growing Front End Development community in Perth, who have close ties with the startup community here.

The first-ever conference of its kind in Perth, Mixin is set to bring together a community of web designers and developers in a city with one of the fastest growing tech and startup scenes.

Mixin earlier this year announced that the conference would be held on Friday 28th October 2016 in Perth. The organisation boasted that it would host a strong international and domestic line-up, and have delivered boldly with their announcement, the international guests are:AllisonHouse

Allison House (USA), formerly of Dropbox, Treehouse and Codeacademy


Andrew Clarke (UK), Art Director and author.

Patima Tantiprasut, one of the organisers behind the project, said:

“We have a very passionate and truly unique community over here in the west. Perhaps it’s our isolation that bands us together, so the desire for collaboration and working together is very evident,”

“While we certainly love going on an interstate or international trip to where all of the great conferences are currently held, it’s a shame that not everyone over in the west gets that same opportunity to be inspired and learn from the best. When we think of the best, two names that certainly come to mind are Allison House and Andy Clarke.”

Mixin, organised by a collaboration of seven Perth industry professionals, celebrates the uniqueness of the conference team, bringing together a diverse portfolio of experience and perspective:

  • Joshua Allen, Front End Developer at The Brand Agency
  • Phuong Huynh, Senior Front End Developer at Clever Starfish
  • Brett Jones, Designer and Front End Developer at Pin Payments
  • Mandy Michael, Founder of Fenders, Head of Front End Development at The Brand Agency
  • Meagan Tan, Design Intern at Clever Starfish
  • Patima Tantiprasut, Studio Manager and Director at Bam Creative, Director at 6Q, Australian Web Industry Association committee member
  • Kylie Timpani, Senior Designer at Humaan

Mandy Michael explains:

“We’ve aimed to bring the best of the global web industry to Perth, and Allison and Andy are a testament to that goal. We’re aiming big, really big. We’ve promised an amazing experience for our delegates and they won’t be disappointed.”

For more information, visit www.mixinconf.com and join the conversation on Twitter @mixinconf.