Tiidal Encourages Diversity


Continuing our theme of celebrating women entrepreneurs, we’re happy to witness the launch of Tiidal.co, a female-led startup that facilitates corporations improving their diversity and innovation.

International Women’s Day is a great time to announcing the imminent launch of a social enterprise called Tiidal (Tiidal.co) which helps companies increase innovation in their teams and build greater diversity throughout their organisations.tiidal

Created by Kate Raynes-Goldie (of LEVEL ONE fame) and Michelle Sandford (of  TedX fame), Tiidal is a consultancy aimed at improving organisations. As Kate says:

We look to help break down invisible barriers, introduce cultural change and build in more inclusive innovation initiatives into events like hack days. We’ve both been working for years in the tech and games space and have always had diversity, inclusivity and supporting under-represented groups baked into everything we do.

We were inspired by the increasing evidence that shows diverse companies and teams perform better and are more innovative. That combined with the fact that 50% of gamers now are women while most games are still made by teams with only 10-15% women. It’s pretty hard to make a killer product for someone whose life experience doesn’t match yours.

Michelle added:

From a purely economic standpoint, companies that want to innovate and truly understand and serve their customers also have to be diverse. We are bringing our own diversity of thought through our global backgrounds and our combined experience across large commercial enterprise, government, education, Start-Ups and the Games Community.

Our offerings include Workshops, Assessments, Hack Days, and Key Notes. We’ve done the research so you can just have fun with the implementation, and we’re happy to help with wherever you are in the journey.


Watch out for the website launching soon at www.tiidal.co or find them on Twitter to ask for more details: @oceanpark @msandfor