West Tech Assemblage Recap


West Tech Assemblage happened during the West Tech Fest week, a gathering of the startup community in the Governer’s House ballroom, where we drank and nibbled and networked for four hours straight.

Charlie Gunningham did his usual amazing job as MC, and at a couple of points had to invoke his teacher training to get the naughty kids at the back to shut up and pay attention. Evan Cunningham-Dunlop talked about the community, and Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist, talked about the opportunity for the state.

Then there were politicians talking about how they’ve been supporting startups for, like, ages. Without wanting to look the gift horse of sudden government support in the mouth too much, I’m going to glide smoothly over all that and just say that their words were very much appreciated by the audience.

All in all, a great event, and a step up from last year’s Startup West. I hope this is a tradition that we continue each year. Congratulations to the organisers and the sponsors WAITTA, eGroup, Incite, IP Sentinals and OzApp Awards.

Check out the photos: