My Restaurant App Launches


My Restaurant App is a new white-label menu ordering app from Zero41, a Perth development studio. It allows restaurants to create their own customised ordering app.

My Restaurant App is a customisable mobile ordering and menu app for restaurants now available for iPhone, iPad and Android from only $10 per month. No longer is mobile ordering restricted to big name restaurants. Now every restaurant, large or small, dine in or takeaway can have their own mobile ordering app which aligns with their brand and needs. The app can be set up and customised easily by the restaurant themselves, without a large upfront setup fee or expensive ongoing costs. The app also provides a true “native” experience for users, which can make the difference between a sale and a skip.

Some other points of difference:
  • It is branded for the restaurant itself
  • As each app is for a specific restaurant they can manage notifications and updates to their customers without worrying about their customers feeling like they are getting bombarded from the one app
  • The restaurant maintains and owns the relationship with their customer
  • They can quickly and easily keep their app up-to-date without needing Zero41 to be involved.
  • The app isn’t about getting new customers, that is what a website or marketplace is for, it is about re-engaging existing customers and making it a little bit easier for them to order. After all, it is cheaper to keep and existing customer then get a new one.
We asked founder Jon why he made the app, and he said:
“I wanted to order from my local pizza joint without having to call them. You know what it is like, sometime you have to try a few times, it is always noisy and they can’t hear you. Places have web ordering sites, but they often don’t work great on mobile and I wanted to order from the couch. Dominos and Pizza Hut have apps but I prefer a pizza which tastes a bit better.
I made the app, partly as a learning experiment for iOS and Android development using RubyMotion and partly so I could be lazy when ordering pizza. I offered it to my local pizza joint and they loved it and signed up. Tried a few other places and they are excited about it as well so I threw a landing page together and now I am pushing it out for everyone to take advantage of.”

What purer motive for building an app or a business could you wish for? Greater love hath no man for his pizza than building it an ordering app. Find out more at