Startup Open Mic Night


Startup Open Mic Night is the successor to the SNAP pitch nights that we ran last year.

The event allows anyone to practice a pitch, tell a startup story, or ask the crowd for feedback on something.

Pitching is massively important for startups, as we’ve explained earlier, because it focuses on what’s important and how to communicate that importance succinctly to the audience. This is a key skill for founders, as you’ll know if someone’s ever asked you what your startup is about and you’ve floundered around trying to explain it to them quickly and simply so they’ll understand it.

Likewise getting informed feedback on a product or demo is really important, it can show you where you’re missing something and what’s really strong about it. Getting immersed in product development can create a bubble where you get so lost in the details of what you’re doing you become unable to take a step back and look at the overall picture. Showing the product to an informed audience is a great way of getting a quick sanity check that what you’re doing makes sense.

And, of course, watching other people pitch and demo is inspiring and informing. Seeing what other people are getting up to is interesting, and there’s always the potential opportunity waiting there.

The venue will switch each month, starting at Spacecubed in August. Tickets are $10 purely to cover beer expenses – there will be alcohol provided, and usually nibbles of some description, though not a full meal!

The first Startup Open Mic Night is on Tuesday 4th August at Spacecubed, get your tickets at: