Fusion Founder Program First Cohort Announced


Atomic Sky’s Fusion Founder program, lead by Sam Mead who we talked to last month, has announced the brave souls embarking on their first cohort.

They are:

Rachael Stein, FitJak

FitJak is an online platform that allows you to search, book, and pay for your next fitness session.FitJack has been awarded a full scholarship for the program from Beacham Group.

Leigh Pember & Tracey Bridges, Travel Egg

Travel Egg helps backpackers discover a destination through self-guided audio tours. They’re the AirBnB for tours, allowing locals to earn by sharing.

Lori Tyrrell, The Legal Lackey

The Legal Lackey is a cloud-based platform specialising in case research support, abstracts and reports, interview transcripts, and any other lackey work you don’t have the time or resources to do yourself.

Peter Griffyn, Dijital

Dijital is a cloud-based platform that provides MSMEs with digital business tools, services and training.

Marcus Cattani, The Journey Program

The Journey Program combines organisational change with community involvement to prevent injuries in the workplace.

Mark Lockett, Delivery Engine

Delivery Engine allows independent food retailers and wholesalers to easily get online and connect with customers.

Matt Pound, Founder of Gno-me

Gno-mes are vinyl characters that collectors can send on to other collectors around the world, tracking their progress via hashtags, all while raising money for charity!

Elle Hughes, Co-Founder of EQUIPD

EQUIPD is a peer-to-peer sharing platform for outdoor adventure gear and ultra local tours. EQUIPD was runner up in last week’s Startup Weekend.

Kelli Meugens, Lain Duong, Darren Harlock, James Ross, Co-Founders of Easy OT

Easy OT is a digitalised, in-session care plan app that enables and motivates patient self-tracking, and delivers real-time progress updates to Occupational Therapists. Easy OT won first place in last week’s Startup Weekend.

Mentors and speakers involved in the program are:

Miles Burke, Founder of 6Q

Cassie Fox, Founder of iZRA

Lauren Trlin, Founder of Buzzy Tasks 

Bernie Janes, Founder of Activity HQ (UK & US based)

Cam Sinclair, Founder of Textie

Jack Quigley, Founder of CrowdfundUP

Stuart Kidd, Founder of Apps Ppl, previously AppLabs

Pia Turcinov, Founder of Mystral Enterprises

Justin Davies, Founder of Prezentt

Good luck to them all, and we look forward to reporting on their success in the future!