The Business Of Games: A Masterclass


Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie, award-winning game designer and Director of Games and Interactive at FTI, will be holding a masterclass on the games industry from a business perspective.

In conjunction with eGroup and FTI, this masterclass will cover the two fast growing market segments of the games industry — mobile and indie — explaining their business models, value chains and potential investment opportunities. The masterclass will also provide an overview of the Steam platform and provide an initial watch list for investors.

This year, global consumers will spend $91.5 billion on games for entertainment. And this doesn’t include games for education, training and other “serious” uses or the market for core technologies that come out of the games industry. With a vibrant local industry which sees very little government support, there is a tremendous opportunity to get in early with the WA games industry.

The concept of “games as startups” is growing globally, with an awareness that games need to understand the business basics in order to succeed, and also that videogames, long relegated as something for kids that has no place in serious discussions, are in fact an enormous cultural influence on society and an industry generating vast revenues.

Event details:

Thursday, 18 June 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

FTI Training Lab, Level 1, State Library of WA

Cost: $25


The increasingly grey area between games and apps, and apps and startups, implies that we as a community need to pay attention to the business possibilities of games, and also that we will see more game developers in the community seeking to learn how to make their game profitable.

The Perth games development community, like our startup community, is strong and growing, you can find out more at,
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