New Learning Coding Meetup


A new meetup in Perth specifically aimed at people who are learning to code kicks off on the 17th February.

The Paying It Forward post a while back suggested a few meetups that needed to happen. One of them, the 4-Hour Work Week meetup, happened last week and saw 40ish people turn up and share their fascinating experiences.

One of the othOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAer suggested meetups was for people who are learning to code, as peer support is shown to improve learning outcomes, and it’d be great to have a place where fellow learners can come together and share stories, tips, and stuff.

Kate Kirwin, event organiser at Spacecubed, has put this one together, so if you’re interested in learning to code, sign up at:

If you’re interested in learning to code, or in teaching others, or in beginner coding, or sharing your experiences with software development, or are just interested in the subject, come along. The first meeting is an exploration of what people are interested in and what they want from the meetup so that it suits the needs of the community.

So get along and find out what’s happening, or contribute your opinion!


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